poultry management

Poultry Management

Successful poultry management is critical in ensuring the success of your chicken or turkey operation. When it comes to enabling better business decisions, we don’t believe that putting dedicated chicken or turkey producers in front of a computer or filing system for hours on end is the answer. That’s why our easy-to-use poultry management software allows you to focus on managing your birds the way you want to while we handle the IT side of things. Interested in traceability, web-based food safety program records, and easy data exchange? FeatherCentral has got you covered!

poultry management

How FeatherCentral Can Help

At BIO, we wanted to provide chicken and turkey farmers the same comprehensive management benefits we offer cattle, sheep and goat producers. That’s why we partnered with Farms.com to create FeatherCentral, a unique web-based poultry management system. With FeatherCentral, you can implement a poultry management system that expands your abilities without adding expensive overhead. Poultry farms of all sizes use FeatherCentral for flock management, performance reports, secure storage of health records, traceability and complete data security.

Taking the First Step

Poultry management requires secure, easy record keeping and flock identification paired with expert health management.

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