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AGM February 7, 2017
10am – 12pm
Aboyne Hall, Wellington County Museum
Contact Penny to register.  playthorpe@biooffood.com
BIO AGM Agenda

BIO is a leader in bridging intelligence along the food supply chain so that farmers, processors, and consumers can make better business decisions. We help tell the story of your animals and products from birth to consumer, all through our unique and secure web-based system bioTrack allows on farm information to be easily recorded and securely stored. Our cutting-edge genetic evaluations deliver valuable information about your herd or flock in a way that’s easy to read and comes at no additional expense. Through our comprehensive on farm management system, you can watch your operation grow without sacrificing your time in the field!

Our new bioTrack Go360 works on any smartphone or tablet anywhere, even out of internet range!

For your product management needs, our inventory and sales tracking tool, bioLinks, provides a much more comprehensive solution than your average sales software. With anytime, anywhere access to unique product information, producers and consumers alike can benefit from complete transparency and an end-to-end flow of information.

The Unique BIO Touch

Unlike most other companies that offer management software, we focus on client support and seamless integration into your existing management techniques. With BIO, you’ll have access to a highly skilled client service team, available through email and phone to answer your questions and work with your preferences, no matter the scale of your operation. Our unique genetic evaluations and reporting system allow comparisons on any animal, across breeds.

BIO is also an active player in the field of research and development focused on increasing the profitability of your business. Our current work is centered on easy, effective, and secure data management as well as genomics with an emphasis on feed efficiency. As we continue to contribute to the most cutting edge livestock management techniques, we hope to share our knowledge with our valuable clients, helping our clients grow their business.

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